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Air Force Bases

An Air Force Base (AFB) is a military base of a number of air forces, which include the United States Air Force (USAF). Military bases shelter military equipment and personnel. These are isolated facility, settlement or installation restricted to the public. Besides the military objects, an Air Force Base usually maintains all the facilities present in a civilian locality. Those include housing, cleanliness facilities, dining halls, schools, parks, churches, gyms etc.

Usually an Air Force Base provides accommodations for a unit. However, it may also function as a command center, a test ground or a training ground. A base mostly depends on outside help for essential supplies. However, some bases of the United States Air Force are capable of surviving for long periods without outside assistance. Military bases often provide a boon to the local economy with jobs and other business opportunities.

An air force base usually centers on a large airport. With homes, apartments and office buildings, it is very much like a small city. However, what make it different are the aircraft hangars, air traffic control towers and other support buildings on the flight line. Almost all the bases of the United States Air Force have excellent medical facilities. A base may also have schools, shopping centers, libraries, gymnasiums, golf courses, bowling centers and other facilities.

Air force bases maintain dormitories for unmarried airmen. The married members either live on base or receive a housing allowance to live off base. There are distinct uniforms for the United States Air Force personnel. When off-duty, they wear civilian cloths. They can use their free time to relax, travel, take college courses or participate in recreational activities.

The air force bases stay ready for immediate deployment and protection of the vital US interests. They also perform other humanitarian missions. About 20 percent of the airmen in the United States Air Force live and work at overseas bases. The airmen usually change a base about every three years.

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